Best Top 10 Serien/Tv Shows 2000-2013 [HD]

Leute, es hat jeder seinen Eigenen Geschmack. Sieht es als Empfehlung, wenn ihr anders denkt und schlagt mir geile Serien vor. ^^
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Tell me down below what your favorite shows are! Christine’s video:…

26 thoughts on “Best Top 10 Serien/Tv Shows 2000-2013 [HD]

  1. Arrow und Game of Thrones sind die besten ♥
    Fehlen noch Supernatural, Once Upon a Time und the Vampire Diaries

  2. my top tv 5 are 5. Pretty Little Liars 4. Once upon a Time 3. Criminal Minds 2.Sherlock 1.Doctor Who :)

  3. my god i cried buckets watching the glee tribute episode. that scene in finns room with his mom *collapses in sobs* . Glee has been so good lately. / American Horror story scares the crap out of me. Ive only watched the first season though. like i couldn’t watch it at night, i had to watch it with people in the house. the trailer for this season looked awesome so i’m debating picking it up again. but i’m scared. first season i had so many nightmares about that dude dressed in that black suit.

  4. All i have to say is that you need to look up The Walking Dead then come back here and rethink your life choices.

  5. Right now, but wait to next summer for the ‘Scream’ TV show!
    The show is gonna be developed by the main writer of the movies which is also the one who develope TVD books to TV, so that seems interesting, what do you think?

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